If ever there were two garments that were meant to be worn together, it would get skinny jeans and foot boots. The slim fit in the jeans at the foot complement the short height in the boots wonderfully. Since skinny jeans are generally shorter than wider lower leg or boot cut jeans, the hems won't cover the cute ankle footwear below. You can tuck underneath hem of the jeans into the top of the boots for a pulled-together glimpse. Skinny jeans and ankle boots are great to wear through the fall, as temperatures drop and in the winter.

Picking the right Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans may be flattering on any overall body size or shape. The secret to success is choosing jeans which fit. The jeans should hug your legs and not be so tight they pinch or create unflattering bulges on the hips or thighs. Jeans that contain plenty of stretch really are a great pick, as they will move with you together with won't pinch. Dark colors such as deep blue or black are more flattering on most most people than lighter washes.

Choosing the Ankle Boots

Pick ankle boots that will be the same shade since your skinny jeans to make your legs look super long. For example, wear black boots with ebony jeans. When you tuck the jeans in the boots, you eliminate the division between the two pieces, making your legs look longer.

Bring focus on your boots by choosing a funky pattern or a contrasting color instead of matching the color of your jeans and boots. If you feel particularly bold, try a set of animal print boots or a bright shade of blue with black jeans. Since boots are a bold and loud color and also print, keep the rest to your outfit calm and normal.

Almost every style of ankle boots looks terrific paired with skinny trousers. You can try a set of lace-up ankle boots or maybe a pair that have zippers in the back. The style of your boots can determine with certainty if you are dressed in place or down. Flat boots that you really pull on are great for a relaxed, comfortable glimpse. To take your outfit out around town, try a pair with high-heeled ankle boots.
Short skirts with ankle boots look a bit out of place. If you have to wear short skirts with this kind of boots, make sure that this skirt is above ones knees, anything longer that when you want to show a bit of leg is not possible. Curvy women should also avoid wearing such a boots because they tend to increase more weight on your legs, making them look fatter. Ankle boots also match pants. Pants that can end up tucked in ankle boots supply you with a sophisticated look.

There are high boots that set off well above the leg. These kinds of boots are good with short skirts. They are also comfortable if they have a wide base

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